Key requirements of an HRMS software

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Key requirements of an HRMS software

HRMS software includes various employee functions revolving around the employee life cycle which begins from recruitment to exit of the employee. Technological advancements have proven to be a boon to boost the productivity of organizations. As per a survey, the organizations that have opted for web-based software applications have better productivity than the ones that are functioning within the existing computer-based software. These results undoubtedly have increased the requirement of web-based applications. Having said that, an organization should be aware of the required features and the IT infrastructure before opting for an application such as HRMS software.

Let’s discuss some of the key requirements that an organization to look for before opting for HRMS software:

Workforce management
One of the most important functions of HRM is the management of the workforce. The HRMS software assists the human resource management team to maintain the workflow by tracking the employees’ attendance, personal records, performance history, leave records, etc. These records play an imperative role as it notifies the administration of the number of employees working on a particular day and the progress of various projects initiated by the organization, which, if done manually leaves a huge room for error. This feature minimizes the workload of the HRM by diminishing the risk of error.

A major challenge during the lockdown period was hiring a new employee for an organization. There were thousands of people who lost their jobs and it increased the need for more employment. HRMS software abated the human resource management team to proceed with the hiring process on a virtual note. It allowed the HRs to filter the application by the required qualification and schedule an interview within an enclosed environment. Once the candidate is selected he/she is provided with the offer letter that includes a form seeking permission to invade the right to privacy of the selected candidate. An HR can ask the employee to upload the required documents only if the selected candidate has accepted the offer letter. HRMS software assisted in planning the pre onboarding procedure by empowering the selected candidate to access the HRMS portal and upload the documents justifying his/her information as valid.

Benefits administration
Each organization has its own share of policies and rewards. HRMS software provides easy access for the employees to acknowledge the understanding of these policies. It notifies the employee of the eligibility criteria to claim benefits and rewards offered by the organization. This feature works as motivation to boost the employee to put in more effort to gain rewards and qualify as an eligible employee for recognition and reward. The database aids the administration to evaluate the performance and make unbiased decisions regarding appraisals and promotions. This maintains a transparent bond between the employee and the employer.

Attendance management
Attendance plays an imperative role for the human resource team and the payroll department. It aids the HRM to determine the workflow of the organization. it notifies the number of employees on leave or vacation. This feature manages the clock in/out time, over time, casual/sick leaves, biometrics, holidays, and scheduling the workflow of each employee. Web-based HRMS software integrated transmits the data required by the payroll software to generate payroll slips and determine the salary that needs to be debited into the bank accounts of each employee. This data ensures that the employee has received the deserving amount against the services rendered to the organization.

These are some of the basic requirements the leading HRMS software should be equipped with to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. The organization must have adequate knowledge of the software and the existing software is compatible to be integrated to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Although the web-based applications provide features to decrease the workload of the human resource team, having a healthy IT infrastructure is an assurance towards the smooth functioning of the organization.

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