Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Bees

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Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Bees

Bees buzzing around or in our house can be a major cause for concern. Bees do not make us feel scared nor do they infest our house. They are a vital part of our environment. But if they set up a beehive on your house or in your garden, you will want them to be gone. Because bee removal or bee control Melbourne requires knowledge and skills, it is best to enlist the assistance of a bee rescue or a pest control Melbourne Company. However, there are a few things that you can do yourself to control bees in and around your house.

Avoid Planting Trees and Flowers That Attract Bees
Bees get quickly attracted o flowers such as honeysuckles, poppies, clovers, and many herbs like thyme and oregano. They like to go on bright colored plants as well. You do not need to completely remove them but put them near areas that are good for nesting. Ensure to shift them out of your way while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Eliminate Clutter From The Yard
While choosing a place to make their home, bees like to select locations that are warm, safe, and protected from wind and rain. Clutter in your yard like old vehicles, trash cans, garden pots, and woodpiles can be an ideal shelter for bees. Inspect the whole property for protected and secluded places that can attract bees and immediately clean them.

Install Screens on Doors and Windows
Another simple yet effective way to avoid bees from entering your house is to install some screens on the doors and windows. Screens will not only block bees from entering your house, but they also allow good ventilation too. If you already have these screens installed, check to ensure that there is no hole and the frame is not bent. You can also install screens on large openings near the pipes and laundry vents.

Sprinkle Cinnamon Over The Plants Daily
Cinnamon is known to be an excellent natural bee repellent. Sprinkle a liberal quantity of cinnamon in your garden around the plants. The quantity of cinnamon will depend on your garden’s size. Do this for a couple of weeks to let the bees know that it is not a good place for pollination and then the bees will not come back again to your garden.

Remove Water Sources
Bees require pollen, water, and nectar. They prefer a shelter that is near water sources. Hence, if you remove the water sources, you will have less possibility of bees choosing your property to make a hive. Ensure to check your place for lawn watering systems and leaky faucets. Eradicate birdbaths or you can add some vinegar to the water to keep the bees away. These tips are great for removing bees. However, if there is a whole colony of bees in or around your property, you should contact the bee control Melbourne experts immediately to get rid of them.

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